How Can You Tell If a Light Bulb Has a Hidden Camera?

Though it’s not permissible to record someone without them knowing about it, especially in public places such as hotels or guest houses; still, you might be under surveillance at such places. Violating privacy is a matter of concern, and according to the US Department of Justice, it allows for criminal penalties in limited circumstances.

Whatever, you should be cautious about it and take preventive measures beforehand. For covert surveillance, hidden cameras are used, and they are often installed where you may not even think of. Most commonly, the light bulb has a hidden camera installed in it because it is hard to detect and is not visible to the human eye.

To us, it seems like a regular light bulb, but actually, there is a hidden camera inside it for recording videos and taking pictures. How can you tell if a light bulb has a hidden camera? Well, there are certain ways to find out, and here we are going to discover them one by one.

It is important for everyone to know about the detection of a hidden camera in a light bulb because any of you might become an easy target. Do not let anyone breach your privacy and learn how you can identify it easily.

How to discover a hidden camera in a light bulb?

Next time you are staying at Airbnb or any other place, make sure that there are no hidden cameras installed. Most of the hidden cameras you will find by thorough inspection, and for checking the light bulb, you can apply the following methods.

Look for infrared lights

Almost all cameras use night vision technology to provide a clear view in darkness, and therefore, they must have infrared lights. The infrared light usually glows red or green when operating. If you can detect infrared light, you will find the camera.

To do this, turn off all the lights so that there is darkness in the room, and then inspect the light bulb to see if they are glowing or if there is any red or green light reflecting. You can use the phone camera to scan the bulb as well. If you notice anything, unscrew the bulb, and check for a hidden camera.

If you didn’t find the infrared light and are still suspicious about the light bulb, you can go for the other method discussed below.

Listen for a wheezing sound

Your phone is a valuable tool to find out if there is a hidden camera in a light bulb. All you need to do is to hover your phone around the suspected light bulb and listen with concentration if there is any glitch sound coming from the phone.

If you hear any unusual sound, it’s a signal that you need to check out that light bulb.

Scan Wi-Fi signals

These days, hidden cameras work on Wi-Fi connectivity. Using your smartphone, you can scan for Wi-Fi signals and see if there is any signal device showing that you don’t recognize.

Scan RF signals

Cameras transmit data over some networks; it can be Wi-Fi or Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Wi-Fi signals can be detected using your smartphone, but for RF signals, you need to have an RF detector. Place it towards the light bulb, and it will inform you if there are any signals.

Lens reflection

If a camera is covertly placed in a light bulb, you can find it out easily using a torch or flashlight. Switch the light off, point the flashlight towards the bulb, and notice if anything reflects into your eyes. If there is a camera, the lens will reflect, and you will catch it.

Mobile apps

There are some specialized apps that are used to detect hidden cameras. These apps are available for android and as well as iOS devices. Explore a few applications and see if you get the results. Some apps are available free of cost, while some charge you a fee.

Professional hidden camera detector
There are various kinds of hidden camera detector tools available in the market having different specs and features, and therefore, quality may differ for each product. However, any suitable quality professional hidden camera detector can be used to scan light bulbs. The sensor will start blinking or will sound beep based on the detector you have if there is a hidden camera.


Next time you feel like you are being watched and you don’t find any bugging device around you, it’s important that you also check the light bulb that otherwise you often ignore. Going through this article will allow you to identify, and you will be able to tell if a light bulb has a hidden camera. Don’t keep this valuable information to yourself only, share the article so that everyone’s know about it and can protect their privacy.